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Recruitment Strategies for High Growth Companies

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Learn How to Identify, Attract, Retain TOP TALENT

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"Hire the right people and get out of their way." 

The Proactive Pipeline is a compilation of only the best, up to date, field tested techniques that produce the highest results in today’s modern, high-tech, social media driven talent acquisition market.

We've helped thousands of HR managers, recruiters, and interviewers prevent costly mis hires!

Our Recruitment Training Includes:

  • Sourcing Basics
  • Understanding the Candidate
  • Identifying Resume Red Flags
  • Uncovering Resume Green Lights
  • Creating Effective Interview Processes
  • Best Interview Questions to Ask & What to Listen For
  • Presenting an Offer 
  • Negotiating Offers
  • Following-Up on Candidate Satisfaction 
  • Top Behavioral Traits of Great Candidates
  • The curriculum is below!

This 13 point, 30 hour course divulges the best SECRETS used by top recruiting experts, HR Professionals, and Fortune 500 companies.

With its bite-sized chunks, you can immediately implement these strategies into your company to ensure you identify, attract, and retain only the highest performers available in your market!

Learn what you want, when you want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Go through the content as fast as you like.

Recruiting. Reimagined.

Learn the "Secret Sauce"

When Completed, you'll have ACTIONABLE strategies to identify, attract, and retain high achievers. 

The Proactive Pipeline course in Recruitment University will show you  how to create the perfect recruitment process for you, your company, and the candidates!

The course offers a blended learning approach, which includes audio/video/pdfs/guides to help design your perfected recruiting and interviewing process, and then follow up with plan to ensure candidates are happy in their new position, reducing turnover and improving morale.

The lessons within the course include negotiating, interviewing, sourcing, resume reviewing and then looks at best practices for on-boarding.

What You Will Get:

  • Learn how you can increase placements with a Perfected Recruitment Process
  • Best Practices for  Finding Talent and Negotiating Offers
  • Industry leading Voicemail and Interview Scripts

You'll Discover... 

  • THE SECRET sauce to recruit "A Players."
  • how TO NAVIGATE the steady stream of talent coming your way. 
  • How hiring TOP TALENT will save you thousands! 
  • How TO BECOME AN AUTHORITY IN RECRUITING, so you can place more candidates in less time. 

Happy Clients

Landmark Makers team is proactive, self motivated and intelligent team player. Thanks to the creative strategies and interpersonal skills, they have great relations with both company clients and potential candidates; allowing them to leverage relationships to complete a hire quickly. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, this is your go-to recruiter.
Jonathon Kidder CEO Sourcing Wizard
Landmark Makers has successfully executed a number of searches for us. They are terrific at building a pipeline of passive candidates quickly, learning what is important in our searches and finding talent that aligns with our core focus. Their projects have included CFO’s, sales professionals, marketing managers, recruiters, accounting professionals, and administrative people. They created templates for us to use and helped educate us about the recruiting process along the way, introducing us to new ideas and concepts to improve our team. I’d highly recommend them for your recruiting needs.
Brandon Stapper Partner at Crown Growth
“The team at Landmark Makers are authorities in the recruitment industry.  Not only did their workshop drastically improve our hiring process, but the CEO also has the number one book on entrepreneurship and vocational guidance. The team has successfully recruited key positions internally for us and we highly recommend their services.”
Jeff Becker President - Pegasus Building Services

About Your Instructor

Klyn Elsbury

Klyn Elsbury

⚓ Author | CEO | Speaker

I run one of the most active proactive recruitment companies that help other companies scale quickly. 

Landmark Makers ⚓comes up with creative and innovative recruitment strategies to solve talent problems versus responding to requests.

In fact, after "going viral" several times; one such post receiving over 1 million views and another landing me on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, I realized, I may be at the point where I start to give back some of the tips and strategies I've used. 

I just launched an exclusive online community (ECHO) to help Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Human Resources Personnel, and Owners scale by utilizing our recruitment and hiring techniques. 

I have an enormous passion for understanding psychology and high achievement, especially with how they play into startup creation, hiring, and recruitment.

I'd love to tell you I'm this impressive recruitment unicorn with a successful ability to unlock the potential in people, but I'm not

I just hire the right people and let them lead. And now, I'm lucky enough to have the platform to teach entrepreneurs, startups, and companies how to do the same. 

The credit goes where it's deserved.


The Proactive Pipeline: Recruitment Strategies for High Growth Organizations

  • What Next?
  • Tips for Success with the Proactive Pipeline
  • Glossary FREE PREVIEW
  • Recruit Like a Headhunter

How Do You Know If It's for Your Organization?

  • Is the Proactive Pipeline for You? FREE PREVIEW
  • What Successful Hiring Managers Do Differently
  • The Growing Cost of the Workforce

The Cost Analysis : The Ugly Truth

  • You're About to Learn
  • Section for Sales Managers: Calculating the Cost of a Bad Hire
  • Section for Sales Managers: Cost of Varying Levels of Performance
  • Differences in Recruitment Models
  • Costs Associated with the Recruiting Process
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Sorting Applicants

  • You're About to Learn
  • Learn Costly Mistakes Hiring Managers Make
  • How to Determine Candidates Interest Level and Ensure They're High Caliber
  • Case Study: Sorting Process is the Beginning
  • Corporate Culture Checklist
  • What's in The Extended Course?

The Search Parameters

  • You're About to Learn
  • What is a Search Parameters?
  • 5 Successful Tips Hiring Managers Do Regarding Search Parameters
  • Why is it Important to Identify the “Selling Points”?
  • Unhappiness Factor
  • Search Parameters Downloadable Guide
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Evaluating Methods

  • You're About to Learn
  • Evaluating the Different Types of Candidates
  • Checklist of Best Hiring Practices
  • Employee Burnout Infographic
  • What's in The Extended Course?

All About Ads

  • You're About to Learn
  • The Importance of Writing an Effective Advertisement
  • Main Components of an Effective Employment Advertisement
  • Employee Turnover Infographic
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Strategic Sourcing

  • You're About to Learn
  • Tips for Attracting Candidates Through the Company Website
  • Sourcing for Maximum Benefit
  • Benefits of Social Recruiting
  • 5 Tactics Guaranteed to Recruit Millennials Infographics
  • Linkedin Tips
  • Linkedin Tips Continued
  • Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Attract Millennials

Phone Interviews

  • You're About to Learn
  • 5 Techniques for Effective Interviews
  • How to Build Rapport and Qualify via a Pre-Screen Phone Interview
  • How to Overcome Objections and Control the Conversation
  • Proactive Pipeline Candidate Scripts: Voicemail
  • Phone Interview Introductions
  • Ordinary Intermittent Questions
  • Continuing the Conversation
  • 4 Reasons Candidates Fail
  • Company Brand
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Face-to-Face Interviews

  • You're About to Learn
  • Behavioral Green Lights: (Relevant for Sales Positions)
  • Red Flags During Interviews: (Relevant for Sales Positions)
  • Different Interview Types and Styles: Determine the Best Method
  • Creating a Great Candidate's Experience
  • Learning About the Different Styles of Interviewing Questions
  • Learning About Different Styles of Interview Questions: Sample Questions
  • Generic and Complex Questions to Understanding a Candidate's Rating System
  • Tips for Evaluating Candidates: Tracking Candidates
  • 8 Tips n Work-Life Balance
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Company Tour

  • You're About to Learn
  • Importance of a Company Visit: Top 4 Reasons for a Company Visit with a Prospective Candidate
  • Checklist: Inviting a Prospective Candidate
  • Organizing the Visit: Sample Candidate Schedule of the Interview Day
  • Email Template: Follow-up with the Candidate
  • Stats on Company Reviews
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Reference Check

  • You're About to Learn
  • How to Use Social Media to Reference Check: Top 5 Websites to Use as a Reference Check
  • Organization for a Successful Reference Check
  • Top 5 Conversational Red Flags
  • Email Template: Questions Asked During a Reference Check
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Compensation Negotiation & Extending Offers

  • You're About to Learn
  • Proactive Testing an Offer: Sample Questions
  • 7 Tips for an Offer Acceptance
  • Lifestyle Improvements
  • Counter Offers, Turn-downs, and the Two-Week Notice
  • Ways to Build Company Culture
  • What's in The Extended Course?


  • You're About to Learn
  • Tips for a Successful Proactive Onboarding
  • Importance of Having a Singular Point of Contact
  • Promoting Employee Loyalty: Training Tips on How to Make Candidates Feel Welcome
  • Management Statistics
  • Setting Expectations
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Orientation & Training Tips

  • You're About to Learn
  • Tips on How to Make a New Hire Feel Welcome
  • Email Template: Addressing the Company's Expectations for the First Day
  • The Importance of Sharing the Company's Mission: Connecting with New Employees
  • Office Politics
  • Email Template: Sending an End of Training Email and Asking for Candidate Feedback
  • What's in The Extended Course?

Bonus Chapters: Referrals

  • 5 Tips for Building a Referral Program
  • Incentivizing Usage of and Building Referral Programs


  • If You Want to Read Even More

You'll Discover How To

Create Compelling Ads

Source Strategically

Spot the "Frauds"

Hire the "High Achievers"

Negotiate Offers

Onboard Successfully

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Graduates of the Course will receive an invitation to join our exclusive online community of other ECHO's to discuss recruitment tips and tricks they've used to personally recruit the highest achievers for their organizations.

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